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The blog drive mix

 was launched on April 25, 2016, with the aim of providing Arabic content distinct from the computer. We offer topics about computers and the internet in general, especially computer programs and the internet, as well as explanations of programs and explanations of the internet (including Facebook, YouTube, etc.), as well as important news in the world of computers and the internet, solving some of the computer problems we face, we can say that this blog is about everything computer and the internet in general.

Osman Memoni

The writer and founder of the blog I am a Moroccan Arab citizen and my name is Othman Maimouni. I have 19, 21, 21, 22, years old, born in 1997, currently living in Morocco, a fourth - year student of the fourth year of the Moroccan Faculty of Commerce - Department-business administration in 2012, I love Business Administration, especially marketing, I received a diploma in marketing from the American University of Morocco in 2016. Surely, I also love computers, because I was young and I loved owning a computer, I got my first computer in 2002 and started my passion for computers, the computer turns into a craze, so I started going to internet cafes to find out what they are doing, then go to "to get home to perform the application I saw" and certainly my device turned into a field of experiments, but thank God after that and after about a year I became at a good level in computer use, then I was able to access the internet, thank God, then I was sitting at the computer for 10 and 14 hours a day, sometimes I was sitting Y two days, I even remember that I sat once One for three days I even slept a lot, and this is because I wanted to learn everything related to the computer as quickly as possible, and still, after years in the same state of obsession. 


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